Skills Development

Small Group Skills Development

Small Group Skills builds on the foundation of the game. EPHS values a high instructor-athlete ratio to offer personalized attention to the individual player. Skills sessions have a limited attendance and focus on progression based learning in skating, shooting, puck-handling, and puck protection/battling.

EPHS offers skills sessions broken up by age levels specified in the camp flier.

Team Skills Development

Team Skills is for organizations looking for the competitive advantage of having their team focus on their individual skills set while still training as a collaborative unit. Team Skills allows for the player’s to focus less on team systems play and more on individual skills progression including:

The mechanics of effective shooting, precision based passing, awareness skating, and using one’s body to create time and space.

Private Skills Development

EPHS is proud to offer private training both on and off ice for those player’s looking for the ultimate player-specific program. EPHS is able to directly cater an on-ice and dryland program catered to true Endless Potential through private skills.

Off-Ice Training

Hockey specific training in not limited to what happens on the ice surface. All great players must have an effective off-ice regimen. EPHS offers player’s the unique opportunity to translate the game off-ice through the use of synthetic ice and dry-land hockey specific exercise.